Revolutionary War - Grade 5

Revolutionary War


Boston Massacre Engraving  - behind-the-scenes look at Paul Revere's engraving of this famous event


Anonymous Account of the Boston Massacre  - short narrative of the event where five men were shot to death in Boston by British soldiers.


Captain Thomas Preston's Account of the Boston Massacre  - first hand account of this event.


Crispus Attucks  - learn about the first man to fall during the Boston Massacre with this brief description and portrait.



Intolerable Acts and the First Continental Congress  - find out what the British did in retaliation to the Boston Tea Party, and how the First Continental Congress responded.


Tea Act, The  - provides a summary of the law passed to help boost the East India Company that led to the Boston Tea Party.


Boston Tea Party  - brief summary of what caused colonists to dump 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.


Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum  - find online activities, read about Dec. 16, 1773, and get visitor info for this museum and its full-sized replica ship located in Boston, MA.


Boston Teaparty  - description of this event, what caused it, and the important people involved. From the Hypertext on American History site.


High Tea in Boston Harbor  - fictional newspaper article describing the Boston Tea Party and why it happened.


French and Indian Wars  - read about the battles in North America that led up to the Seven Years' War and how they led to the American Revolution.


1755 -- The French and Indian War -

This site is dedicated to the French Soldiers who came to New France between 1755 and 1760 to fight in the French and Indian War. This conflict was fought, in the most part, in the Lake George, Lake Champlain region of New York, at Quebec City, and Montreal. This sites lists the French soldiers by name, has a bibiography for further reading, and links to other sites



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