Science Fair - Gardes 5-8

Science Fair Rubric

Having trouble finding a Science Fair Project?  The following site has students take a 46 question survey regarding likes and dislikes in science related topics.  Next it surveys based upon your top choices.  Finally, it narrows down your strongest interest area to a few specific projects.    Science Buddies: Home 

ScienceFairCentral offers fair project ideas, answers questions, and gives resources and tips for parent involvement.   

Successful Science Fair Projects  provides a nice outline for the written portion of the project.  They also give pointers on what makes for a really well done project.

How to design the display board for the science fair project:

CyberFair - Project Steps presents a very organized listing of steps toward a great science project.  There are also some terrific examples of actual student projects accessible via the links at the top of the site.

The following sites provide lists of project ideas by grade level:

Science Fair Project Ideas

School Science Fairs Homepage

Interested in seeing science fairs at other schools?  The site below provides links to science fairs all over the globe.
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Science Fairs

Welcome to!  The message board feature on this site has posts from students telling about their winning projects.

Science Fair Projects provides internet links to ideas, resources and experiments.

Exploratorium Learning Studi Science Fairs -- Resources for Students   
Resources include links to several Ask an Expert sites.