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Industrial Revolution

Rise of Industrial America 1876-1900

The Library of Congress highlights important events and traits of this economic revolution.

Internet Modern History Sourcebook: The Second Industrial Revolution

The history of the Industrial Revolution in America and its effect on economy and society.

Immigration Megasites

The American Immigration Home Page

A good place to start, this site provides detailed information about immigration into the United States from 1607 to the present.

Americans in the Raw

Immigrants and their stories from the turn of the 20th century. Text and images from The World's Work, 1902.

The Changing Character of Immigration

Photos and text explain the changing face of US immigrants in the early 1900s. Text and images from The World's Work, 1900-1, volume one.

Immigration Fact Sheet

Chronology of immigration from the late 1800s and immigration information for today. Glossary of terms.

Immigration in American Memory

From the Library of Congress, this site explores America as it grows and has grown, the surge of immigrants in the early 20th century, and immigration today.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum Virtual Tour

Learn about four families who lived in a tenement building in New York City's Lower East Side, between 1874 and 1923.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

Another tour of the Lower East Side Tenement Museum in New York City, with information about the building's excavation, and a history of tenements.

Angel Island

Angel Island

Angel Island was the "Ellis Island" of the west and was the first stop in America for many immigrants, including the Chinese and Japanese. Includes a live webcam of the site!

Angel Island

See photographs of the immigration station.

Angel Island: The Pacific Gateway

Chinese immigration, living conditions, medical examinations, interrogation and more. "The end of every page contains audio translations of some of the poetry carved into the walls of Angel Island's barracks by detainees. These audio clips require the Shockwave plug-in installed in your browser."

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

From the History Channel, this site gives a timeline of the island, create a family tree online, experience a day in the life on an Ellis Island immigrant, and more. Click on "Who Are You" to answer the many questions immigrants were asked at Ellis Island and see if you would have been admitted into the United States.

Ellis Island

The history and immigration of thousands to the United States in the early 20th century provided by the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation.

Ellis Island

A historical overview, about the journey to Ellis Island, and Ellis Island today. From the National Park Service.

Ellis Island: Through America's Gateway

Learn about the journey to America, the Ellis Island experience, and more.

The Virtual Ellis Island Tour

By Queensbury Middle School, this site takes you on a virtual tour of the immigration station. Includes history, links and more.


The Asian American Experience in the United States

A timeline with information about Asian immigration to the United States and notable events in the Asian-American experience.

Hispanic Threads in America

An introduction to the Hispanic American history and the many contributions Hispanic Americans have made to our country.

The Irish in America : Long Journey Home

A webpage comapnion to the PBS television series on Irish American lanugage, music, genelogy, and notable Irish Americans.




Conservation Movement

The Evolution of the Conservation Movement 1850-1920

A timeline of events throughout the conservation movement of the 19th and early 20th century.


Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum

This site provides photographs of historic moments in railroad history

American Sweatshops & Child Labor

Between a Rock and a Hard Place:
A History of American Sweatshops 1820-Present


Click on the floorplan to begin the tour. The history, the practices and more.

Child Labor and Child Labor Reform in American History

This Web project for an Ohio State University History assignment presents two stories: one of boys in American coal mines and one of girls in textile [cloth] factories.

The History Place: Child Labor in America 1908-1912

Original photo captions to child labor photographs from the period.

The Story of My Cotton Dress

This site has photos and a child's story about her own experiences and observations while working. Scanned from The Child Labor Bulletin, August 1914.

Flashbacks: A Great Monopoly

The Atlantic Monthly online revisits Rockefeller and the Standard Oil Company of the 1800s and compares it with the 20th century's Microsoft monopoly. Links provided to the original 1881 Rockefeller article.

Women's Suffrage Movement

The 19th Amendment

From the National Archives and Records Administration, this site provides images and information about the women's suffrage movement and the 19th Amendment allowing women to vote.

History of Women's Suffrage

From the Anthony Center for Women's Leadership, this site presents a history of women's suffrage and biographies of significant women in the movement.

Political Culture and Imagery of American Woman Suffrage

This exhibit examines the development of a distinct female political culture and imagery that evolved to promote voting rights for women.

One Hundred Years toward Suffrage: An Overview

A short timeline of the women's suffrage movement from 1776 to 1923.

One Woman One Vote: A Short History and Guide

PBS Web site explores "moments in seventy-two years of the suffrage movement, beginning with the first women's rights convention in 1848 and climaxing in passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920."

A History of the American Suffrage Movement

Discover biographies, timelines, photographs and important documents, and excerpts from the book of the same name.

International Women's Suffrage

Discover what countries around the world have employed equal rights to men and women.

Votes for Women

The Library of Congress presents history of and information on women's suffrage.

Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment

National Archives and Records Administration provide this detailed Web site about women's right to vote.

Women's Suffrage

Voting rights and general articles about US women's struggle for voting equality.

Labor Union History http://www.socialstudieshelp.com/Eco_Unionization.htm

Websites for the Gilded Era