Civil War - Grade 8

Civil War Web Links's Civil War Menu
Huge database of categories such as photographs, battles, generals, documents, places.

Abraham Lincoln Online
Lots of information on Abe and his times.  

African American Civil War Memorial

The American Civil War Homepage
Timelines, diaries, overviews.  

American Experience-America's Civil War
Trivia, links to Union and Confederate generals, muster rolls, pension, military records.

Battle Summaries by Campaign
Select a battle and find out who was in command and an outline of exactly what happened.

Black Dispatches: Black American Contributions to Military Intelligence During the Civil War
“The true history of this war will show that the loyal army found no friends at the South so faithful, active, and daring in their efforts to sustain the government as the Negroes-.”  (Frederick Douglass).  

Camp Life: Civil War Collection from Gettysburg National Military Park 
This online exhibit about camp life at Gettysburg
highlights the soldiers' day-to-day existence and how they battled boredom.

Causes of the Civil War
Primary source documents, including speeches and editorial commentary from the Civil War period; selected quotes and statistics on slavery.

The Civil War
The surrender at Appomattox, the battles at Antietam and Gettysburg, the death of Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth.  

Virtual exhibit produced by the National Portrait Gallery.

Links, songs, battles, timeline, generals.

Civil War Battlefield Medicine
Overview, definitions of common Civil War medical terms, Civil War dentistry. Medical information on generations, surgery and surgeons, and primary source documents from medical personnel.  

Civil War Battlefields Visited
Art of each of the major battles of the war.

The Civil War Cookbook: The Tastes of Yesterday
Recreate a Civil War meal with this online cookbook.

Civil War Index
A directory of Civil War sites maintained by a professor from Dakota State University.  

Civil War Sketchbook
The watercolor sketchbook of Private Henry Berckhoff, 8th New York "German Rifles."

Civil War Women
Women’s lives and experiences during the Civil War; includes full content diary e-texts of Civil War women.

Cotton is King;idno=ABT9431
Online text of a book by David Christy, published in 1855, explaining cotton growing’s relationship to agriculture, commerce, and slavery.  

Gettysburg National Military Park Civil War Page for Kids
Fun site with food, medicine, letters, slang, music, leaders, flags, and more.

Hero Timeline/Lincoln
Summaries of the events leading up to war and summaries of the major battles.

Historical New York Times Project
Actual issues of the New York Times during the Civil War Years 1860-1866.

Home of the American Civil War 
Official records of war, battles, medicine, biographies, letters, use of hot air balloons, causes, Lincoln, border states, spying, strategy, women, etc.

"My Precious Loulie...": Love letters of the Civil War 
Civil War love letters from soldiers.

A Nation Divided
View the timeline of Civil War events or click on specific battle and event links.  

The National Civil War Association
Learn about the Union and Confederate forces; includes short movie.

New Jersey Rosters from the Civil War

Poetry and Music of the War Between the States
Read Confederate and Union poetry; learn about music of the Civil War.  

Rare Map Collection:  The American Civil War
Maps of battlefields.

Selected Civil War Photographs
This site from the Library of Congress allows you to search or browse through pictures of the Civil W ar.

Strike the Tent
Information and online play about Grant and Lee.

Thinkquest: American Civil War
The Civil War experience from causes to the end of the war.

This Day in Civil War History
Historic events and facts for today’s date in history.

The Valley of the Shadow
Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Augusta County, Virginia, were two communities separated by the Mason-Dixon Line. Read their letters, diaries and records, and learn about the people. Includes information on how each community viewed slavery, economics and the Civil War.