Language Arts Resources

Language ArtsResources

Save the Comma. From Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves:  Why, CommasReally Do Make a Difference.  Interactive game, author information andan e-card to send to friends to help raise comma awareness.

LanguageArts Lesson Plans from The Educator's Reference Desk at SyracuseUniversity.  Offers lessons
on storytelling, journalism, listening comprehension, as well as grammar andliterature.
Literature andLanguage Arts Lesson Plans created by the National Endowment for theHumanities
and the Marco Polo Foundation.  Learning skills and objectives accompanyeach lesson.
Outta Ray's Head LessonPlans from Canadian librarian Ray Saitz.
Web English Teacher Links, plans,activities and worksheets on specific topics.

Literature and LanguageArts Lesson Plans Highly creative lessons.  No printer-friendlyversions of lessons, but you can copy and paste them into Word and avoid printing the ads.