Science Resources

Science Resources

BugGuide.Net-  an online field guide to insects, spiders and other arthropods found inthe US and Canada.
Talesfrom the Hive - Bee behavior from NOVA.  Includes interactive "Danceswith Bees" and "Anatomy of a Hive."
JeffersonLab Student Zone
interactiveperiodic chart of the elements, lots about atoms
JeffersonLab Science Games & Puzzles
Biologyof Plants - from the Missouri Botanical Gardens


EE-Link. North American Association for Enviromental Education.  Designed to connectK-12 students and teachers with helpful resources.  Lesson plans onenvironmental topics and links to other environmental organizations.
EnvirofactsDataWarehouse. U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Provides access to severaldatabases that allow users to identify hazardous waste, water purity, airemissions and other related issues by zip code.
National Library for theEnvironment. 3000 annotated links to environmental resources and organizations throughout theworld and "State of the Environment Reports" from states, nations,regions.  Essential for advanced research.
Planet Ark. A nonprofit Australian organization that provides environmental news with aglobal persepctive.  Updated each day, the site includes currentphotographs and suggestions for positive environmental actions.

USGS:  Science for a Changing World. U.S. Department of the Interior.  Information on the atmosphere, climate,oceans, and other environmental issues.  Real-time data and several usefultools, including "Science in Your State," which leads to detailedlocal environmental information.


Amazing Space - ForEducators.  Wonderful set of classroom teaching tools that draw on research done using theHubble Space Telescope. Gr. 3-12.
Exploring Planets in the Classroom.  Hands-on activities that meet science standards.  Printables, charts, factsheets.  Gr. 3-12.
Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground. Online activity book created by the Smithsonian Institute and Harvard, in 6chapters, each filled with hands-on astronomy activities.  Teacher &student PDF documents.  Gr. 3-12.
Kids in Space. Activities and interactive games that teach kids about space, stars, planets,space exploration, math, etc.  Five skill levels.  Gr. K-4.
NASA Education. "For Educators" has class resources arranged by grade levels; eachlevel provides links to Internet and multimedia resources.
SEGway for Educators. "SEGway Lessons" connects to topics and lessons.  


Exploratorium:  Online Activities.  Almost 60 web-based science activities. Gr. 4-12.
SEED:  Science Lab.  13 online activities related to geology, physics and "
space.  They come with background lesson and require minimal preptime.  Gr. 4-12.
Science Clips.  36 physics and biology lessons for younger kids. Each activityhas a full-screen button.  Gr. K-6.
The Mission Science Lab.  Basic principles of physics entertainly presented.  Click on anobject in the lab and complete a related mission.  Missions come with cluesand online quiz.  Gr. 4-10.
Wonderville:  Interactive Activities.  22 animated activities for younger students on a variety of sciencetopics.  Click on the Wonderville icon for the menu.  Gr. K-4.