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NJ Core Content Curriculum Standards

Lesson Plans and Useful Links for Teachers
A to Z Teacher Stuff  features quick indexes to online lesson plans and ideas.
Busy Teacher's Cafe - Great resource for K-3 with worksheets, plans, links and tips.
Can Teach- Thousands of resources and links for elementary teachers from Canada.  Songs!
CEOExpress - You're the boss...you need information fast...this has everything.
Multiage-Education.com - An exhaustive set of links for anything to do with the topic.
My Virtual Reference Desk - "A One-stop Site for All Things Internet."
New York Times Learning Network - You have to register, but everything is free except the crossword puzzle.
Quia - Subject-related games and activities, ready-made or make-your-own, a wealth of great stuff!
Scholastic Network - Now free, this site contains a wealth of lesson plans and other resources to make
learning active. Try the Web Quests, perfect for a single session in the computer lab.
Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers - Hundreds of free resources from England.

Rubrics & Assessment
Exercises, Quizzes, Tests

Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater Page
Big Six - The Big Six is a systematic approach to information problem-solving that relies on 
critical thinking skills to help students become successful researchers and problem solvers.
Book Lists from AllTogetherNow - Suggested titles by subject, grade level, "problem," topic.
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site - Book reviews, discussion guides and lesson plans 
to help develop themes and integrate literature into the curriculum.
Children's Literature Best Books List
CyberGuides: Teacher Guides and Student Activities - Internet-based teaching units for the single-computer classroom.
Nancy Keane's BookTalks Quick & Simple
Literacy Matters -
Integrating young adult literature into the curriculum
Online English Grammar

Language Arts Lesson Plans from The Educator's Reference Desk at Syracuse University.  Offers lessons
on storytelling, journalism, listening comprehension, as well as grammar and literature.
Literature and Language Arts Lesson Plans created by the National Endowment for the Humanities
and the Marco Polo Foundation.  Learning skills and objectives accompany each lesson.
Outta Ray's Head Lesson Plans from Canadian librarian Ray Saitz.
Web English Teacher Links, plans, activities and worksheets on specific topics.
Literature and Language Arts Lesson Plans Highly creative lessons.  No printer-friendly versions of lessons, but you can copy and paste them into Word and avoid printing the ads.

Professional Development
IDE Corp. 

G & T
GT -
Created by fifth grade teacher Scott Carles of Millville, Utah.
Gifted Children - Monthly online newsletter for parents and teachers.  Some subscription, some free links.
Hoagies Gifted Education Page - Designed for parents, good resources about gifted girls.
National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented
Pitsco's Launch to Gifted & Talented Resources

Social Studies
Teaching with Documents from the National Archives - Primary sources and lesson plans

Special Education
Can-Do! - An educational "ability focused" disability awareness resource; contains interactive 
activities, stories and resources for parents, students and educators.
Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education - Sponsored by ERIC and the Council for Exceptional Children.
Jerome & Deborah's Big Page of Special Education Links - They teach in northern Manitoba; 
check out their other links, too.
LD Online
Learning Disabilities Association of America

Mental Health Net - Guide to mental health, psychology and psychiatry online with excellent links.

Tech How-to Sheets from West Milford; clipart and more at www.wmtps.org/eletech
Electronic Pen Pals - Link your class up with keypals from anywhere in the world to exchange 
information or collaborate on on an online project. The site is also accessible in Spanish.
Microsoft in Education - Online tutorials, lesson plans and links.
wNetSchool - From PBS Channel 13 in New York, your free registration includes a personal 

profile of interests, monthly online newsletter, Internet guides, Time Savers, and Professional Development.