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Authors/Illustrators Who Have Visited Duffy & MacKinnon Schools

Dale Baumwoll visited 5th & 6th grades in September 2007.
Kaethe Zemach visited Duffy in March 2007.
Mitali Perkins visited MacKinnon in May 2007.
Pat Brisson
visited Duffy in April 2006.
John Morano visited MacKinnon in April 2006.
Tracey West visited Duffy in May 2006.
Dar Hosta
visited Duffy in April 2005.
Dan Gutman visited in 1999 and in September 2004!
Michael Dooling visited Duffy in May 2004.
Ponder Goembel visited Duffy in April 2004.
Joyce McDonald visited MacKinnon in April 2004.
Thomas F. Yezerski came to Duffy in 2003.
David Lubar came to MacKinnon in 2003.
DyAnne DiSalvo made an author visit to Duffy in May 2002.
Todd Strasser made an author visit in May 2002.
Robert J. Blake visited our schools in May 2001.
William Sleator  visited in May 2000.