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Duffy Students Create Gears Mural

mural Duffy Elementary School is working together to put an end to Bullying! The month of October is National Bully Prevention Month. K-12 students across the country participate in various activities to raise awareness of bullying and bully prevention. In Duffy’s Art classes students created a mural. Wharton Art Teachers Judy Maida and Ray Vikete implemented a collaborative project where every K-5 student created a unique gear.
Students listened to part of the book, Goodbye Bully Machine by Allan L. Beane and then had a discussion about bullying and ways to stop it. It was agreed that it is each of our responsibility to make positive choices in school and always do the right thing. A chain reaction takes place. When one person does the right thing, somebody else sees and models it. The positive energy will keep going on and on.
Shapes and symbols can represent an idea. Gears represent working together. Students looked at gears in the book as well as examples by artists who have incorporated gears into their work. Students discussed how gears move and can create a chain reaction of movement when linked. Every grade level worked in different media and sizes incorporating Elements of Art and Principles of Design such as balance. Radial Symmetry has a large role in the overall design of gears.
All of the individual gears were assembled into a massive mural taking up an entire 40ft section of wall. All of Duffy’s approximately 500 students each created gears which are all linked together creating a harmonious symbol of teamwork and kindness. The mural is currently on display in Duffy Elementary School.