• Overview
    The State of New Jersey has selected the Wharton School District as a New Jersey Department of Education “Choice District”.
    • This means that residents of other school districts may attend the Wharton School District free of charge. In addition, the “home” district will provide either transportation for the child or “aid in lieu” payments to the parents.
    • Mine Hill has served as Morris County’s original choice district for 16 years. The expansion of Public School Choice in New Jersey means that Wharton, the Morris School District, Morris Hills Regional District and Mount Arlington will provide significant new public school options for students.
    • Parents, guardians and students who want to participate in the program must file a Notice of Intent with their home school district by November 17th Applications to Wharton, or other Choice districts, are due December 1.
    • The Choice School Program limits the number of openings per grade level. If there are more students requesting admission than available openings, students are chosen by lottery.
    • As a participating choice district, Wharton will receive additional state aid.
    • Parents may learn more about public school choice in New Jersey by referring to the Department of Education’s website, https://www.nj.gov/education/choice/

    Deadline for School Choice -  December 1, 2023