• Overview
    Everbridge Community Notification System
    Wharton Borough is pleased to announce that the Everbridge Community Notification System is in place and ready to go.
    The primary focus of this system is to communicate with the community during emergency situations. We also plan to use the system to communicate and inform you of community related issues.
    The benefit of this system is that you as the resident or business owner tell us how you want us to communicate with you and what type of information you
    would like to receive. When registering please remember to enter your address so we can notify you of events in your area such as water main breaks or road closures.
    You can choose from a menu of categories such as:
    Emergency Notification:
    • General Emergency Notification
    • Severe Weather Alerts
    • Warming Centers/Shelters
    • Police Notifications / Alerts
    Community Events:
    • Recreation Programs
    • Canal Day
    • Fireworks
    • General Community Notification
    Municipal Services:
    • Water Main Break
    • Garbage Collection (Altered Schedule)
    • Road Closure
    • Road Construction
    To register for this new Community Notification System visit https://member.everbridge.net/index/1772417038942548
    Or follow the link from our website at www.whartonnj.com
    If you have any questions feel free to contact Town Hall 973-361-8444.