• Greetings!

    I hope this message finds you all in good health. As we approach the start of a new school year, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to both returning and new families in the Wharton Borough Public Schools District and specifically at MacKinnon Middle School. I feel privileged to serve as the Principal of this incredible school, and I look forward to an exciting and enriching academic journey ahead.

    For our returning students, welcome back! Your dedication to learning and growth has been truly inspiring. The past year we have seen great achievements among the students as a whole, and we are excited to witness your continued progress. To the new students and parents joining us this year, we are excited to have you become a part of our school community. I am confident that you will find that you truly enjoy in in the Wharton Schools. We have a wonderful staff, great campus, and students that are growing in knowledge each day.

    We believe that education is a collaborative effort involving students, parents, teachers, and staff. Together, we create a positive and nurturing environment that fosters academic excellence, personal development, and social responsibility. Our dedicated team of professionals/educators are committed to providing the best learning experiences, engaging lessons, and a safe space where every student can thrive.

    Middle school is a time where students begin to explore their identities, interests, and passions. Knowing this, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that challenges and stimulates young minds, while also providing a diverse range of extracurricular activities that encourages complete growth of the individual (social, emotional, intellectual etc.).

    We also understand the importance of effective communication and cooperation between school and home. Our doors are always open, and we encourage parents to actively participate in their child's education. Whether it's attending parent-teacher conferences, school events, or simply staying informed through regular updates, your involvement makes a significant difference in your child's educational journey. Be sure to check our main webpage for updates and announcements as well as on RealTime in the Parent Portal as messages may be displayed in the “banner”.

    As we are about to embark on this journey in the new school year, I encourage all students to approach their classes or “courses of study” with enthusiasm and determination. Embrace new challenges, ask questions, and seek help when needed. Each of you brings a unique set of talents and strengths, and I have no doubt that, together, we will accomplish remarkable achievements.

    In conclusion, I am excited to work alongside each and every one of you to help you find your success. Let us work together to make this school year memorable and full of great successes.

    Once again, welcome to MacKinnon Middle School.  Let's make it a great year and a year of growth, learning, and shared accomplishments.


    Robert D. Hayzler

    Principal- Alfred C. MacKinnon Middle School