• Dear MacKinnon Middle School Family,


    It is my hope that all of you are doing well, are having a great summer, and your child(ren) had time to reflect upon last school year and refocus for the 2021-2022 School year. I want to extend a genuine welcome to this 21-22 school year, coming off of a school year far from anything close to “normal.” To assist in making this upcoming year as successful as it can be, the home to school/ school to home partnership is of most importance. I look forward to continuing to work with you to promote, encourage and maintain a strong and healthy school environment, which will yield the most optimal learning environment for all students who enter the doors of MacKinnon Middle School. 

    I have the privilege of being present within the school building each day to witness the growth within our students and the potential within them be exposed. It is our vision at MacKinnon to help students grow academically, socially and emotionally. This growth, as stated earlier, needs your support from home and outside in the community as well. Including all of the stakeholders, coming together with this same purpose, “success” would be the result.

    Once the school year begins to take shape, continuing through the first few days, weeks and then months of school, I will certainly look forward to witnessing all of the great things happening within our doors of MacKinnon and branching outside our doors, into and from our community of Wharton. Let’s all continue to work together, learn from one another, harness strengths, promote the positives, support one another, and be a positive influence for all around you.

    I thank you for your sustained commitment to the partnership we have. Everyone at MacKinnon looks forward to seeing your child(ren) on the first day of school, entering with confidence and reassurance knowing that we are all part of a team, here to help them find success. Coming in with the mindset and willingness to learn, to grow, be challenged, and to not only work to reach that “bar”/goal that they have, but to surpass it.   

    Please enjoy the last few days of summer and I wish everyone a wonderful school year. Go Hornets!




    Robert D. Hayzler- Principal