• 2023-24 Job Openings


    The Wharton Public Schools has the following positions open for immediate hire:


                         FT Grades 4-8 Special Education- Multiple Disabled (Anticipated Opening)

                         FT Elementary Education (intermediate grades) strong ELA background

                         FT  Middle School Everyday Substitute (certified teacher)

                         FT  Elementary ESL Teacher

                         FT  Middle School ESL Teacher

                         FT  Elementary RTI Teacher

                         FT  Middle School RTI Teacher

                         FT Elementary Education (Special Ed preferred)

                         FT  Middle School Reading Specialist

                         FT  Coordinator of Student Services/Student Attendance and Welfare

                         FT  Physical Education/Health Teacher

                         PT Elementary Education Teacher (Special Ed preferred)

                         Classroom Aides

                         Substitute Aides

                         Substitute Teachers

                                  Please forward a cover letter/resume to: